Our Stud

After more than 40 years in the prime lamb industry, we sought a self-replacing, fully shedding flock with minimal inputs. 1,000 commercial ewes are run in conjunction with our cropping and beef cattle enterprises. Having trialled other shedding breeds, we settled on the Australian Whites in 2010 and implemented an upgrade program to effect the change-over to an AW flock. In 2011 Kalnari Stud, flock number 9, was formed.

Early in 2012, recipient ewes were purchased carrying pure-bred Australian White embryos from the Australian White Foundation Flock. Since then, embryo transfer programs have been regularly conducted to increase purebred numbers, with original stud stock and semen being sourced from the Australian White Foundation Flock.
Prime lambs are currently produced from 1,000 AW cross ewes joined to purebred AW rams, providing quality prime lambs for market. This has enabled us to turn off prime lambs with a live weight of 50-55kg by 16-20 weeks.


Weight gains of both stud and commercial lambs are monitored to identify bloodlines achieving ideal growth rates and early maturity. Prime lambs are regularly sold at the Wagga Wagga market as well as over the hooks, with abattoir assessments providing valuable feedback.

While productivity, growth rates and early maturity are key drivers to our operation, structural correctness in our breeding stock is also considered a priority. In order to enhance their longevity and suitability for breeding, stud stock and flock rams, whether being sold or retained, are regularly assessed for soundness and functionality.

Pure Australian White Rams available for sale on farm