Kalnari Australian White Sheep Stud

Bred for Australian conditions

The Australian White breed was developed by blending elite lines from four existing breeds. Through the use of numerous embryo transfer programs and artificial insemination, as well as extensive selection procedures the breed has quickly realised its objectives. A hardy and adaptable breed, it thrives in various Australian pastoral conditions, while maintaining good conversion rates and ease of finishing.

Summary of objectives

Hair shedding
Calm temperament
Good feet and legs
Quick maturity
Carcase shape
High dressing
Good eating quality
Suit domestic and export markets

After more than 40 years in the prime lamb industry, we sought a self-replacing, fully shedding flock with minimal inputs. 1,000 commercial ewes are run in conjunction with our cropping and beef cattle enterprises. Having trialled other shedding breeds, we settled on the Australian Whites in 2010 and implemented an upgrade program to effect the change-over to an AW flock.

 In 2011 Kalnari Stud, flock number 9, was formed. Early in 2012, recipient ewes were purchased carrying pure-bred Australian White embryos from the Australian White Foundation Flock. Since then, embryo transfer programs have been regularly conducted to increase purebred numbers, with original stud stock and semen being sourced from the Australian White Foundation Flock.

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2022 Henty Field Days - 20 - 22nd September

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We’ll have a selection of Australian White Rams on display

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